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Weird Tales Magazine w/ Cover Art by Lynne HansenMoon Child by Gaby TrianaHalloween Season By Lucy A SnyderFerocious by Jeff StrandThere Comes A Midnight Hour by Gary BraunbeckSOLD! In Her Eyes Premade CoverThe Hag Witch of Tripp Creek by Somer CanonA Complex Accident of Life by Jessica McHughStrange Nests by Jessica McHughCreep Out by Jeff StrandInfinity Dreams by Glen HirshbergConcrete Jungle by Brett McBeanNeighborhood Jungle by Brett McBeanSuburban Jungle by Brett McBeanChildren Of Demeter by EV KnightWicked Women edited by Trisha J. Wooldridge and Scott T. GoudswardCandy Coated Madness by Jeff StrandUnsafe Words by Loren RhoadsEmpty Graves by Jonathan MaberrySick House by Jeff Strand