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I am an artist who loves telling stories. I specialize in art for book covers because I spent 18 years as a published author and I know intimately how important a good cover is. It's not enough anymore to simply convey the essence of a book in a single image. Because most purchases happen online now, book covers need to resonate well as a thumbnail. When a reader clicks on one, it needs to draw you in even more. There needs to be some bonus level of detail that propels the potential customer to read the book description, and then click that all-important "buy now" button.

In terms of the real-world book-buying experience, after the front cover makes you pick up a book, you need that ever-important flip to the back cover. The back cover better add another level of intrigue so that people will read your book description and want to buy your book.

Creating art for book covers is as much about marketing as it is about art. As a fellow creative, I want to see authors and publishers find their audiences just like I enjoy connecting with my patrons over my art.

I have over fifteen years of experience in marketing and promotions including art and design. I started creating book covers when my husband Jeff Strand decided to make his humorous horror novel The Sinister Mr. Corpse available as an e-book. Once people saw Jeff’s next e-book Wolf Hunt, I started to receive requests to design covers for other authors. Now I get to tell other people's stories through the art of the book cover and I love every minute of it.