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Sick House by Jeff StrandThe Haunted Forest Tour by James A. Moore and Jeff StrandHead Space by James CooperBring Her Back by Jeff StrandConcrete Jungle by Brett McBeanNeighborhood Jungle by Brett McBeanSuburban Jungle by Brett McBeanOdd Adventures With Your Other Father by Norman PrentissBlue Eel by Lorne DixonDead Clown Barbecue by Jeff StrandTribulations by Richard ThomasAn Apocalypse of Our Own by Jeff StrandEverything Has Teeth by Jeff StrandBlister by Jeff StrandLife in a Haunted House by Norman PrentissThe Dungeon of Count Verlock by Norman PrentissThe Lake Monster by Norman PrentissThe Space Visitor by Norman PrentissThe Twisted Face by Norman PrentissDweller by Jeff Strand

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